Repair & maintenance

Periodic Mechanical Maintenance

Solar doctor will maintain and assess the mechanical fixings and mounting components of the solar photovoltaic array as well as solar panel inverter repairs.  This will include:

  • Annual visual inspections to ensure that the array and or building structure displays no signs of malfunction, possible areas of corrosion, mechanical stress and degradation of the mechanical structure of the solar photovoltaic array.
  • Annual visual and manual inspections of any joints, fastenings and fixings to ensure that the mechanical mounting structure of the solar photovoltaic array is secure and shows no signs of loosening that may have been caused by wind, vibrations or wear. Joints, fastenings and fixings will be tightened where necessary.
  • Annual visual and manual inspections on the solar photovoltaic modules to ensure they are fastened securely, this check will be done by hand where possible and re-secured where necessary.

Periodic Visual Cable Checks

Solar doctor will check cable runs particularly outdoor runs to ensure there are no stresses, weaknesses, wear, insulation breakdown, damage caused by vermin or sunlight. This ensures there is no safety issues as well as yield losses.

Periodic Electrical Maintenance

Solar doctor will ensure that Electrical connections are checked annually for tightness, corrosion and to ensure there are no scorch, electrical burning marks or smells. Electrical containment will be visually checked and tightened. Electrical Over current protection devices will be checked for tightness, operations and test buttons operated. Electrical maintenance will be completed annually.

Preventive Maintenance

O & M tasks such as electrical condition reports, visual cable checks, mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, panel cleaning, inverter display checks and monthly reports and logging all help reveal problems or potential issues. If issues are found corrections will be made to further prevent maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

If a fault is determined via the remote monitoring or via a report. Solar doctor will respond within 48 hours under the O & M agreement. If possible Solar doctor will make every effort to fix the issue on their first visit however if it is determined to be an equipment issue we will order parts and replace as soon as possible.

Periodic Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar doctor propose to clean the surface of the solar photovoltaic modules annually. Accumulated dirt on the surface on the modules could reduce the output of the solar photovoltaic array in a similar way as shading would. Solar doctor believe this could reduce the performance up to 5%. In some circumstances, we may recommend additional cleaning; this will be charged at an extra cost.

Annual System Reports & File Logging

Solar doctor will send an annual report to a nominated person. This will include monitoring logs, reports of any system defaults with explanation of rectification, any completed maintenance documents and certificates.

Periodic Inverter Display Check

Solar doctor will check annually that the inverters are free from dust, operating at normal temperature and we will ensure that there are no errors displayed on the inverter log. Doctor Solar will monitor the inverter daily using remote monitoring. If it is found that the inverter is not performing correctly, corrective maintenance will be exercised.

Tailored proposal

Annual Inspection O&M from £149 *
Our inspection & maintenance programmes are designed to optimise system performance and are completed by our highly trained accredited technicians, installers and electricians
One `preventative maintenance’ site visit with visual roof inspection, review & report
Condition inspection & report from ground floor to roof level
DC electrical inspection & maintenance
Replace consumable items showing wear & tear
Parts replacement service (time chargeable but free parts where under manufacturer guarantee)
Removal & clean of sap & debris build up behind panels
Customer education on Solar PV reliability & maintenance
Thorough system inspection of monitoring system
Preventative maintenance programme – yearly site visit & maintenance inspection
Premium* Labour cost of replacement of stolen or damaged panels
Premium* Bi-annual documented condition inspection & maintenance
Premium* Premium* Premium* Bi-annual panel clean (using de-mineralised water)
Responsive Maintenance from £149 *
MCS & NICEIC qualified technicians attending to highlighted on-site issues
Fault identification
Fault rectification (by repair where possible or replacement of equipment)
Testing & recommissioning of system
Return of faulty product for manufacturer’s warranty claim via client
Premium* Premium* Premium* Labour costs of replacement of stolen or damaged panels

Maintenance contract Costs

Monitoring hardware and software (one of charge)

  • Domestic >6kW monitor system (GSM) Communications and fitting £400
  • Commercial >1MW monitor system (GSM) Communications and fitting £600

Monitoring software

  • Global monitor software & (GSM) Communications licence Free for maintenance customers.
  • Global monitor software & (GSM) Communications licence £83.50 every 2 years

Premium* costs.

  • Labor £10 per/hr
  • Travel from office location, Watford (WD25 9FL) 40p per/mile
  • Access tower for inspection and cleaning on roof up to 8m £380.00

All costs inclusive of VAT

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